Boost Your Cycling Speed

As cycling enthusiasts, we know the thrill of hopping on a bike and instantly yearning to gauge how fast we're going. That's where a bike computer steps in, enabling you to keep tabs on your max, current, and average speed during each ride. Once armed with these statistics, it's only natural to start comparing yourself to other riders and pushing your limits.
At Mumu Apparel, we're excited to share some tips that can help you boost your speed with additional practice. Following these tips will elevate your average rate regardless of your starting point.

1. Bend and tuck your elbows: Wind resistance is your prime obstacle while cycling. Lowering your body position on the bike by bending and tucking in your elbows will reduce your frontal area and drag, thus enabling you to cut through the wind more effectively.

2. Listen to music: This is a controversial tip, as we strongly believe in maintaining full awareness while cycling. However, some research shows that uplifting music can reduce perceived effort levels. If you opt for this, please use headphones that allow outside sound for safety.

3. Ride in a group: Riding in a group can boost your average speed. For example, taking turns riding up front and cutting through the wind can result in a faster group speed than riding alone. The presence of others can also motivate you to exert more effort.

4. Utilize drops: If your bike has drop-handled bars, don't shy away from them. Riding in this position lowers your wind resistance by 20%, thus increasing your speed.

5. Use the wind to your advantage: Plan your route so that you head out into a headwind when fresh and return with a tailwind when you might be feeling tired.

6. Include intervals: Intervals allow you to cycle faster in short bursts followed by slow recovery periods. This technique can be incorporated into any ride and is an effective way to increase your speed.

7. Build muscle: Strength training can help improve your cycling performance. But remember, building up your cycling muscles takes time, and there's no substitute for time on the bike.

8. Invest in an aero bike and wheels: If you want to splurge, aerodynamic bikes and wheels can help reduce drag and enhance speed. But remember, the most significant impact comes from improving your riding position and fitness levels.

9. Wear tight clothing: Tight-fitting cycling clothes reduce drag and wick away sweat, making your ride more comfortable and faster.

Lastly, while comparing your average speed with others is natural, remember that many factors influence it. Staying focused on this number and enjoying the ride is crucial. Regularly cycling a familiar route and noting the improvements in your average speed can provide a safer and more accurate representation of your progress.