Belgian Waffle Ride Vancouver Island 2023 Results

Men's Results

From the whistle blow, the men's race was as much about mental grit as physical ability. Against the setting of the Island's rugged coastline and stunning mountains, three cyclists rose to the top.

The day belonged to Rob Britton, who etched his name in the history books by taking the first-place finish. A favorite going into the race, Britton showcased his great physical conditioning to stay ahead of the competition throughout the challenging course.

Hot on his wheels was the seasoned pro, Nicholas Roche, who secured second place. The Irish cyclist exhibited exceptional performance, maintaining a blistering pace that kept him within striking distance of Britton, ultimately finishing just shy of the top spot.

The podium was completed by Evan Russell. Russell demonstrated immense resilience and determination, battling the course and the competitors to secure a hard-earned third place. His relentless perseverance was a testament to his skill and endurance.

Women's Results

On the women's side, the competition was equally, if not more, intense. The Island's unforgiving terrains tested the athletes, with three competitors outshining the rest.

Claiming the top of the podium was Haley Smith. Smith, with her trademark relentless energy and technical skills, powered her way to the top. Her flawless performance will surely be remembered as one of the highlights of the BWR Vancouver Island 2023.

Coming in second was the ever-strong Austin Killips. Displaying an admirable combination of speed, strength, and tenacity, Killips managed to conquer the challenging terrains of Vancouver Island. Her performance highlighted the sheer skill that she brings to every ride.

Rounding out the top three was Rebecca Fahringer. Despite the grueling conditions, Fahringer pushed through the fatigue, maintaining a steady and impressive pace. Her third-place finish is a testament to her commitment to the sport.