The All-Inclusive Guide to Mumu Apparels Bib Shorts

At Mumu, we combine comfort, style, and high-performance technology to create cycling apparel that pushes boundaries. This guide will take you through our range of bib shorts, each tailored for the specific needs of cycling enthusiasts, from pro racers to casual weekend riders.


Pro Bib Shorts

The Pro Bib Shorts are where style meets performance. The main feature of these shorts is the Italian Carvico Revolutional Energy fabric, known for its high muscular compression, elasticity, and superior breathability. This fabric is ideal for high-intensity cycling as it enhances movement efficiency and mitigates muscle strain, optimizing overall performance. The Pro Bib Shorts are equipped with many features, including breathable fabric, UV protection, quick-drying, inner leg silicone gripper, and durable 4-way stretch nylon lycra. The Pro ECO chamois is made from 100% recycled materials, making it eco-friendly and incredibly comfortable.

Primo Bib Shorts

Our Primo Bib Shorts are designed with the serious cyclist in mind. These bib shorts are made from compressive lycra material that fits snuggly against your skin for an aerodynamic edge. The Primo Bib Shorts are lightweight, offering the perfect blend of support and compression for your most challenging rides. Notable features include Italian-made M.AR.C. reflective grippers on leg openings, a back pocket for a wireless radio, seamless Italian bib straps, and the Dolomiti Pro Foam Chamois for unbeatable comfort.

Cargo Bib Shorts

If storage is critical on your long rides, the Cargo Bib Shorts have you covered. They come with a pocket on each leg for all your essentials – nutrition, gels, phone, and more. But that doesn't mean we've compromised on style or comfort. The Cargo Bib Shorts are as chic and comfortable as they are practical, with features like Italian 80 x 20 Lycra-based fabric, Italian soft elastic 7cm leg band, reflective trim, custom elite chamois, and multiple panel construction for the optimal fit.

Elite Bib Shorts

Our Elite Bib Shorts are a classic staple in any cyclist's wardrobe. Whether you're embarking on a training ride, pushing your endurance limits, or gearing up for race day, the Elite Bib Shorts are your reliable companion. They mirror the comfort and style of our entire collection and are one of our most popular items. The Elite Bib Shorts come equipped with Italian 80 x 20 Lycra-based fabric, an Italian soft elastic 7cm leg band, reflective trim, a custom black chamois, and multiple panel construction for the perfect fit.

Sport Bib Shorts

Lastly, the Sport Bib Shorts are all about simplicity and comfort. These shorts are made for riders of all levels, from beginners to seasoned cyclists. The Sport Bib Shorts feature breathable mesh straps for enhanced ventilation, a Mumu 3D Gel Chamois for superior comfort, a 7cm Italian leg cuff, and reflective trim to boost visibility when putting in those evening miles.


In conclusion, no matter what your cycling needs are, Mumu has you covered with our range of bib shorts designed with passion and precision to meet the highest standards of cycling apparel. We always aim to provide quality, style, and comfort in every pedal stroke. Whether you're cycling for leisure, fitness, or competition, we have a pair of bib shorts that are tailored to support your journey. Choose Mumu, and experience the difference.