The Perfect Fit

Whether you're a seasoned pro, a weekend warrior, or just starting your cycling journey, choosing the right jersey plays a significant role in your comfort, performance, and enjoyment on the bike. Mumu Cycling Apparel is committed to providing high-quality cycling wear to meet the diverse needs of every cyclist. Today, we'll be taking you through our curated selection of jerseys to help you find the one that fits you best.

Primo Jersey: The Pro's Choice

Are you a top rider or aspiring pro athlete looking for an aerodynamic edge? Our Primo Jersey, designed with a lightweight yet durable DeanSilk fabric on the front, is engineered to conform to your body shape, providing a tailored aero fit. The technical DeanDot fabric across the upper back panel and sleeves further enhances the freedom of movement and ventilation. This jersey offers a low-cut collar, seamless sleeve hems, and classic set-in sleeves articulated for a perfect fit while you're on the bike. Safety is also a priority, with reflective trims for increased visibility in low-light conditions.

Elite Jersey: Designed for Style and Speed

Elite Jersey is for cyclists who crave a blend of style and speed. This jersey's race fit and 2-panel design optimize performance and range of motion on all your rides. The Square fabric blend provides a comfortable, stretchy fit that accommodates movement without compromising style. The silicon-injected waistband ensures a secure fit, while the triple rear pockets provide ample storage. The unique feature of this jersey is its fitted striped sleeves with a folded and stitched armband, adding a touch of elegance to your speed.

Elite Lightweight Jersey: Built for Hot and Humid Conditions

The Elite Lightweight Jersey is your perfect companion if you're riding in hot and humid conditions. This jersey is designed to breathe, engineered with a lightweight Italian grid fabric. The soft DeanSilk fabric stretches to suit any body shape, providing maximum comfort during your summer rides. In addition, reflective strips on the back pockets and an excellent moisture management system ensure you stay cool, visible, and comfortable on those hot days.

Sports Jersey: The Traditionalist's Pick

The Sport Jersey is the perfect choice for riders looking for a traditional jersey style without the high compression of a race-fit jersey. This jersey strikes the perfect balance between a race fit and a relaxed fit jersey, offering a more advanced option. Crafted with a blend of polyester and spandex, the Sport jersey is soft, stretchable, and suitable for various body shapes. The silicone waist gripper ensures a secure fit, and the low-cut collar adds to its comfort.

Club Jersey: Comfort and Visibility Combined

The Club Jersey is designed for cyclists who prefer a more relaxed fit. Made with breathable, moisture-wicking polyester fabric, it ensures you stay dry and cool throughout your ride. The jersey also incorporates reflective piping below the rear triple pocket, enhancing visibility during those early morning or late evening rides.

At Mumu Cycling Apparel, we understand that every cyclist has unique needs and preferences. That's why we've designed a range of jerseys to cater to every kind of rider. Remember, choosing the correct fitting jersey can significantly enhance your cycling experience. So, whether you're chasing speed, fighting the heat, preferring tradition, or seeking comfort, we've got a jersey for you.
Stay safe, and enjoy your ride from all of us at Mumu!