Saint Francis Tulsa Tough

The Saint Francis, Tulsa Tough event has once again proven to be a thrilling cycling extravaganza for enthusiasts of all levels. Over three days, Tulsa, Oklahoma, was alive with cyclists, spectators, and families, all contributing to an electrifying atmosphere beyond just the races and rides.
Each day brought a unique criterium, with attractive payouts that kept the competition fierce. The McNellie's Blue Dome Criterium, which served as the third stop in the American Criterium Cup (ACC) 10-race series, saw Olivia Cummins of DNA Pro Cycling and Justin Williams of L39ION of Los Angeles seize the wins in the elite categories. The L39ION and DNA Pro Cycling teams were remarkably active, adding an extra layer of intensity to the competition.
In the ACC, Andrea Cyr of Miami Nights and Summerhill remained the leaders in the elite women's and men's categories, respectively. Cyr extended her lead with a fifth-place finish, while Summerhill dominated overall and sprint competitions. Kimberly Lucie from DNA Pro Cycling stood out in the ACC sprint competition, scoring in all three intermediate sprints and expanding her lead.
Away from the professional races, the two days of Fondo rides offered a more casual cycling experience. These rides, took place on Saturday and Sunday, providing participants different distances to suit various fitness and skill levels.
On the final day, the infamous Cry Baby Hill, staged from Tulsa's River Parks and winding through the historic Riverview Neighborhood along the Arkansas River, truly tested the endurance of the racers. This grueling course pushes even the fittest riders to their limits. Sunday's atmosphere is truly unlike any other. Families gathered along the river for PG cheering, while party-goers turned Cry Baby Hill into a Mardi Gras-like celebration of cycling. Amid the cheer and festivity, racers focused on surviving the challenging course to reach the grueling uphill finish.
The event also included some family-friendly fun, with races for children under nine and the free Townie ride presented by Williams. These elements ensure that the Saint Francis Tulsa Tough suits everyone.
This year's event confirmed that Saint Francis Tulsa Tough has something to offer whether you're a professional athlete, a cycling novice, or someone who simply loves a good day out with the family. The blend of professional races, recreational rides, and the unforgettable atmosphere of Cry Baby Hill creates a cycling event unlike any other.