Osage Passage Thermal Arm Warmers

Osage Passage Thermal Arm Warmers

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The Thermal Arm Warmers - a touch of luxury for those cold morning rides. Crafted from premium Italian-made Miti Stelvio fleece, these arm sleeves provide exceptional warmth and comfort, keeping you warm during your rides.


  • Miti Stelvio fleece lining ensures superior warmth and a luxurious feel against your skin.
  • Silicone grippers at the sleeve offer a confident and secure fit throughout your ride.
  • UV Protection protects your skin from harmful sun rays during outdoor adventures.

Embrace the ultimate style, comfort, and functionality combination with Mumu's Thermal Arm Warmers. Whether you need extra warmth during cooler days or seek a versatile alternative to a full-length jacket, these arm sleeves have you covered. Elevate your cycling experience with Mumu's Thermal Arm Warmers - the perfect choice for warmth and comfort.

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