Our objective is to deliver exceptional customer service with products that exceed the expectations of dedicated cyclists. While the majority of our customers are highly satisfied with the performance of our offerings, we understand that we won’t be perfect every day and that mistakes will happen. We are firmly committed to promptly and fairly resolving any product quality concerns to the contentment of our customers and continue to work with our team to minimize mistakes.

Our policy regarding warranties and product guarantees is straightforward: If any manufacturing defect becomes apparent within a year of purchase, we will repair or replace the product at no cost to you. (Proof of purchase must be provided)

For the initial 30 days following the purchase of a MUMU product, should any damage occur due to a crash, we will gladly repair or replace the item without charge. 

Indeed, if the one-year warranty no longer covers your product, or if it has sustained damage from a crash beyond the initial 30 days or due to other mishaps, we are still here to assist you. We can typically repair most issues without charge, or offer an economical repair service that includes the cost of return shipping.

Certain conditions are applicable, which can be determined by Mumu Cycling Apparel.

  • Proof of purchase is mandatory and can be substantiated through a receipt or order confirmation.
  • The age of your gear will be taken into account. Standard wear and tear are not included.
  • A discount offered can be utilized to replace the damaged items from the same product category. For instance, if one pair of bib shorts is damaged, a discount will be applied to purchase another pair of bibs.
  • The replacement discount is solely applicable for transactions on the online store.
  • This offer is exclusively extended to the original purchaser.
  • It does not cover collaborative/ custom items.

The Repair Service does not cover Product failures resulting from typical wear and tear: embellished saddles, saddlebag and glove Velcro, jersey zippers affecting shorts, overfilled pockets, etc. Skin chafing is not due to a defect. For those susceptible to chafing, we suggest using BodyGlide or a similar product to safeguard your skin during rides or workouts.

Specific forms of damage may surpass our capacity to provide a lasting solution. Similarly, we typically cannot repair items that have experienced extensive, well-worn usage. While we may decline repairs for irreparable items (e.g., significant staining, abrasions, extreme damage), we will offer alternative solutions when applicable. While we strive to restore things to their original condition, minor adjustments regarding color match, material, and hardware might be required. It is worth noting that the repair process can take up to four weeks to complete after being received by our repair team.

There are specific products, as outlined below, which cannot be mended. All Base Layers, T-shirts, Polo Shirts, Shirts, Arm/Knee/Leg Warmers, Hats/Caps.

(Although not obligatory, this process is undertaken at the customer’s risk.) Mumu will facilitate the return of goods back to the customer free of charge via our standard shipping service. Upon receipt of your item, you will receive a confirmation email confirming the repair process has begun, typically this takes around four weeks, and you will receive email updates from us throughout the process.