Industry Discount

Eligibility Requirements

The program is currently open Worldwide to cycling industry professionals.

Industry Discount Program Rules & Requirements

  • Your industry pro account is exclusively for purchasing gear for your personal use; it cannot be used by your spouse, partner, friends, co-workers, or anyone else. We monitor purchases for misuse, and deviation from this policy may result in the loss of your program access. You'll be informed about "friends and family" promotions via email when available. Until then, this account and discount are solely for your benefit.

  • After one year of program eligibility, you may need to reapply.

  • Please maintain discretion regarding your industry discount, but do encourage your professional peers to apply.

  • All shopping must occur online at It cannot be combined with other retail promos or coupon codes. Your discount is not applicable to sale items or ongoing promotional programs. It doesn't extend to Mumu dealers or partners.

  • Sharing your account information is prohibited. You must place all industry discount orders personally. Payment is accepted via credit card only, and the cardholder's name must match the purchasing professional's name.

  • Ensure you are certain about your sizing before ordering; no returns or exchanges are allowed for industry discount orders. All orders are final.

  • Industry discounts are not valid for newly released Mumu Apparel products for up to 90 days after release or limited edition Mumu Apparel products.

  • Not all Mumu Apparel products are eligible for industry discounts.

  • Industry discount customers do not qualify for free shipping.

  • Mumu Cycling Apparel reserves the right to modify or terminate the Industry Discount program without prior notice. Each application will be reviewed individually, and we may accept or decline participation at any time. Please refrain from advertising the discount; it's limited to registered users and may not be combined with other discounts or offers.

Please adhere to these instructions to fully benefit from your industry discount account.