Elite Yoga Waist Shorts
Elite Yoga Waist Shorts

Elite Yoga Waist Shorts

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The Elite Yoga Waist Shorts - redefine comfort and performance on the saddle. This short features a redesigned waistband that offers compression through the sides and back while reducing constriction across the stomach, resulting in improved comfort and unrestricted breathing.


  • Stretch compression Lycra fabric is thoughtfully designed to elevate your comfort and enhance performance during your rides.
  • Multiple-panel construction, ensuring a perfect fit that optimizes your overall riding experience.
  • Dual-density chamois pad, providing ultimate stability and comfort, so you can focus solely on the road ahead.
  • Italian-made silicone gripper, guaranteeing a secure fit, regardless of the intensity of your ride.

Elevate your ride with Mumu's Elite Yoga Waist Shorts - where comfort and performance meet for an unbeatable ride.

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