RCC Arm Sleeves

RCC Arm Sleeves

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Mumu Arm Sleeves - your ultimate shield against the elements during your rides. Enjoy your rides with peace of mind, knowing you're shielded from the elements. Choose Mumu for your rides, where protection meets performance.


  • Cycling Arm Sleeves Sun Protection: Designed to provide reliable sun protection, ensuring your arms stay shielded from harmful UV rays.
  • Lightweight and Breathable Fabric: Crafted from lightweight and breathable fabric, these sleeves keep you comfortable and cool throughout your rides.
  • Anti-bacterial and Sweat-Wicking Properties: Infused with anti-bacterial properties and sweat-wicking technology, these sleeves maintain freshness and keep you dry during intense cycling sessions.
  • Soft Italian Silicone Grippers: Equipped with soft Italian silicone grippers, these sleeves ensure a secure fit without leaving deep imprints on your skin.
  • 30/UPF Sun Protection


  • Hand Wash or Machine Wash Delicate Cycle
  • Use Mild Detergent
  • Maximum Wash: 30°C or 86°F
  • Do Not Bleach
  • Do Not Tumble Dry

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